Monday, 29 July 2013

The Three Kings Are Here!!!!


I've been a metal fan for many years and have seen many bands.  I can trace right back to 1973 when I heard my first Metal record and loved the energy, the sheer power and just knew that this was for me.  I always wanted to be a rock singer, but sadly don't have the range that these awesome rockers, these Idols that I have followed for years have.  Until recently I had a fabled few that I would really call my idols vocally.  Of Course Rob Halford, the Priest himself was right up there, as was Peter "Biff" Byford of Saxon along with the late great Ronnie James Dio, Graham Bonnet and of course Freddy mercury.  These few special vocalists could capture an audience, keep them in a strong grip and blast out ear shredding, mind blowing vocals on a daily basis be it live or on record.  The fact was, when I got my hands on an album with any of these vocalists in the titles, I was going to be in for a treat.  The list was small, but now the list has just got bigger since I have heard the vocals of probably the best vocalist to come along since any of the above, I'm talking of Northern Irelands, John "Harv" Harbinson the founder member of the best metal band in over 25 years, Stormzone., a Belfast based band with 4 fantastic Albums in the catalogue.  I am proud to say I have all the Albums and although they all have a formula taken from those classic 80s bands, they have also matured and progressed on every Album.  All the Albums have a melodic tone with full on harmony, harmony guitars and Powerful lyrics and vocals at the center of the music.  The latest Album brings a heavier dimension which takes the band into another level.  Three Kings in my opinion is the Album to beat now and with the bar raise so high, this is going to be hard to do. From the opening track "The Pain Inside" which cleverly includes some original recordings of Winston Churchill  in it leading up to a brilliant ear shredding guitar break into the opening song.  Specter I believe was the first record played on radio and is a perfect follow on from the opening track.  Track Three Stone Heart is a power house track though I think was wrongly placed on the Album and should have been further down the list.  Track Number 4 "Alive" is a clever song starting off quieter, with vocals that draw upon memories of the great Rob Halford.  From then on we move to track 5, "The night of the storm" which once again gives our ears a powerhouse of gut wrenching guitar breaks taking me back to those classic bands of the late 1970s and 1980s.  The band has no reason to apologies for this as in my opinion, this is where rock came alive and Stormzone do it brilliantly.  Track number 6 is a break from the ear pounding metal and we have a wonderful Power ballad in the form of "Beware In Time" This is a beautiful melody with "ear"gasmic harmonies and guitar solos.  Track number 7  is the Title track Three Kings" and is a belter, so worthy of being the title track, though I hear this was not the first choice.  To be honest I'm glad they went down this road.  Track number 8 "The Pass Of Loning" starts off with fantastic Drums and has a celtic edge to it and to my ears is probably my favorite song on the whole Album.  It is electric to the very heart of the song which is helped by those drums that start the whole song off.  Track Number 9 " I Am One" Once again brings back that stormzone formula, imaginative lyrics that are easily memorable and guitars that make the song recognizable.  Track Number 10 "Wallbreaker" is a pure metal song to get down and dirty.  Hell of a track with pure power and energy.  Track Number 11"Never Trust" is another change in pace at the start giving us wonderful guitars and fantastic guitar harmonies breaking into majestic Power and duel kicking thundering drums. Track Number 12 is pure fun.  "BYH (Bang Your Head)" is exactly what it seems.  A damn good anthemic song for live shows, one to get the ears bleeding and the head pounding.  Judas Priest do this all the time and this is a great homage to the songs that went before.  We finish off the Album with "Out Of Eden" It is a change of pace at the end but brings all the elements that Stormzone have made a great name for.  Power, Thundering Vocals and ear shredding guitars.  

I love this Album, I've loved the other Albums but this one offers a growth that was evident in the others but not quite brought out.  With "Three Kings" They have done it.  This is the album that is going to propel the band onto a bigger stage in my opinion, and this is a band who supported Saxon.   The whole band are one tight in tune unit from Drums right through to the vocals.  The band is nothing without one of these elements and it is because of this, I see Stormzone becoming the next really big metal Band for a World Stage.  The Albums are fare enough but it is the live performance that sets this band amongst the greats.  harv commands the stage with a massive presence and the rest of the band compliment with personality and energy.  for 1 and a half hours you are treated to new and old songs and because the songs are so well written, even if you have never hard them before, you feel that you know them already and can easily sing along to them. The band should be on the big stage for it is live that this band really comes alive. Folks the Three Kings have arrived and they have brought one hell of a metal band along for the ride.  Catch the ride yourself and buy the Album.

You can buy it by simply going to then bands website, The other albums are also a must, you can get these on the usual outlets.  Caught In The Act, may be available in some stores and is the only album not to have all the current members of the band involved.  Death Dealer is available on Amazon and Zero to Rage is the only one so far available on Itunes.  I can't recommend this band enough and if you ever get a chance to see them live, I can promise that it'll be the best night you've had in a long time!!  

Catch the ride now, and lets sit back and watch this band go all the way to Donnington what was called "The Monsters Of Rock Festival" 

Review by Andy John Bradford (DJ Yorkie